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The MacKenzies: Dane, Thomas, Riley, Cooper

The MacKenzies: Dane, Thomas, Riley, Cooper - Liliana Hart This is a fabulous anthology of the first five novellas in the series. Very hot and sexy pairing that will melt your Kindle/iPod.

Each one is a mixed narrative going between the two leads POV and giving a full picture of their thoughts and feelings. If you like sassy girls and dominant men then you will love these yummy reads!!

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Carly Robins. She has a great tone and really brings the characters to life. A little more bass in the male voice would have been delicious. Great pace that makes the smexy read really flow. I really enjoyed her narration and definitely want to look for more!

Dane (The MacKenzie Family #1)
This is a really quick and hot little read! When you have reunited lovers things can progress from "hello" to "Oh God Yes" in a snap. These two are combustible with enough chemistry to burn the lab down.

The story is thin but it holds together very well. Because this is such a short read it misses a lot of the build the story deserves. I would love to see this expanded to a full novel or even a novella. It would make the story all the sweeter in the end.

There are some story points that could have used time to be drawn out, then they would have had more impact. Forgiveness is to easy, this could have been drawn out over a longer time to really add to the joy of reunion.

The steam is hot as Hades!!! When lust has ten years to build things get smexy! For such a short book it packs a wallop in the bedroom or on the desk!!

Can't wait to read the other brothers!!

Thomas (The MacKenzie Family #2)
Things happen really quickly in these novellas. This time we have a dishy doctor and a naughty cat burglar. Again combustible and very smexy! You have to suspend reality for a few things. Cause doctor/patient ethics are bent and you will have to believe a gal with a gunshot wound will be wanting to get busy. Not realistic but uber sexy!

I loved all Cat's sass and Thomas was so delicious!! I love a guy who knows what he wants and goes for it!! They are another super hot couple!!! Holy Hannah, these MacKenzie boys know how to throw down!!!

For such a short read the character's felt real, I just wish they had more build to the story. It would be great to see this expand into a novel. Really draw out the drama and intrigue!

Now I am ready for a little hot for teacher time with Riley!!

Riley (The MacKenzie Family #3)
Oh my another hot and yummy read!! Ms Hart definitely believes in love/lust at first sight!! These kids meet and are automatically! Whoa mamma, things get smexy fast.

Riley is the kind of hot professor you always wish for!! I am sure I would not get any work done if her were my teacher!!

The smexy scenes are incredibly hot and might just burn the house down!! Loads of hot play and toys!!

The story this time has a little more meat on it and the meeting of the leads makes more sense. Love the mixed narrative, really helps you get into both character's heads.

Cooper (The MacKenzie Family #4)
Love this smexy big brother!!! Who can resist a sexy officer with handcuffs. piercings and a treasure trove of toys!!! Yes, yes, Oh Gawd YES!!!

This story was a great mix of hot tension and a great little story. I could have done with a touch more build on the drama but it was a great read. I liked the whole club setting could have been hotter, there is so much more potential there.

This is a great way to end things for the hot brothers and I can not wait to read all the sexxy little extra stories I just discovered!!

A MacKenzie Christmas (The MacKenzie Family #5)
This is a new turn for the MacKenzie family, now we are moving on to the cousins. I know it is a novella but I would have loved more catch-up time with all the character's we love.

The story moves quickly as the leads have know each other for some time, makes the feelings more believable too. There are some super yummy bedroom scenes to heat up the read. Yum Yum!!

I can not wait to see what will happen with all Grant's siblings! I really hope we get to seem more of the past couples as the series progresses in this new direction. I love updates cause it is like visiting with old friends.

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.