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One Grave at a Time

One Grave at a Time - Jeaniene Frost Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

With the way the last book ended I expected things to change with the team. I thought the next book would be some jerk coming in as Don's replacement, it was very unlikely anybody else would come in giving them the leeway they were used to. While it was expected it is still intriguing.

The ghost plotline in this book is really involved. It had some unexpected twists and turns, I can not wait to see how these new characters play out in the rest of the series. The medium Trent is really quirky! He brings much levity to the story, sometimes it desperately needs that lightness.

I am very pleased to see Cat and bones solid in their relationship, yeah, no more drama there! They are of course smexy as all get out!! Oh heck yeah, there is a very memorable flying scene that brings whole new meaning to mile high club!! Dang, wickedly delicious!!

This book brings up-to-date on the team, sort of, things could have been a might clearer. We have visits from favorite supporting cast members Ian, Spade and Denise. I am liking Denise and Spade much better in these books than their own story. I am beginning to wonder about what is happening with Annette, she has disappeared from the series.

I listened to the audiobooks read by the delightful Tavia Gilbert. She gives such energy and excitement to every read. I love her voices and the slightly wicked rasp in her voice during the narrative. She makes every book an experience! It is a stellar performance every time. Quick pace, pleasant tone and loads of personality, that's why she has quickly become a favorite listen.

This book leave one story line at a touch of a loose end. I expect that will be all wrapped up in the final book of the series. I will be very sad to see it end, but I recognize it can not go on forever, not without getting stale. I would love to see more side books of supporting characters. How about the team...Dave, Juan and Tate could use HEA, or naughty Ian, perhaps Justine will find her happiness? There are many possibilities.