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Their Virgin's Secret

Their Virgin's Secret - Shayla Black, Lexi Blake Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

The series just gets better with each book. The story here was really fantastic and I loved the non-linear story telling!! It really added extra drama to the book. It was really easy to follow the switches between present day and the events from a year before. The secret wasn't much of a mind-blowing surprise, but I read a lot of romance so not much gets by me.

This story is even richer and more developed than the last, from the looks of things also sets up stories for the next few books in the series. This are going to get even more dramatic and emotional.

Jessa is a really great character and I loved her from the start. I really loved that when the chips were down and she was in serious danger she did not freeze! She is one of the few heroines that I have read in recent times who did not do the To Stupid To Live moves!! She was smart and actually made clever decisions!! You go guurrl!! She is also sassy and snarky as heck!! Two of my fav traits!

Cole and Burke have that whole yummy twin connection thing. One light and one dark, two halves of a whole, yadda, yadda, yadda. Still they manage to be interesting and not overly cliche.

This is written with a mixed narrative giving all the main characters POV. Really clearly defined and wonderfully orchestrated. I love knowing what is going on on their heads!

The steam here is really deliciously naughty!! Still lighter BDSM, mostly just spanking and a little Dom talk. Bit is was steamy and sensual!! Oh and when Cole uses the Dom voice...melts ya into a pool at his feet! Plenty of menage action, it is was seriously wicked!!

Very excited to jump into the next book!! I hear we are traveling to the Middle East, yummy!