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Dream Machine

Dream Machine - Jayne Rylon There are times when I have to work to get into a book, this was one of those books I tried but just didn't feel. Then along comes the audiobook with a delicious narrator reading for me, now I am feeling it!

The story is one that you have to buy into or it won't work. I wasn't in love with Dr Kurt, a little too science driven for my liking. Given time I definitely warmed to him but it was rocky in the beginning!

The biggest sell on this book is the smexy stuff!! Oh hell's yes!! Ms Rylon always delivers in the hot and heavy department. Leave off the panties, unless you want to have extra laundry!! Better yet just read while in a cold shower, cause it gets might steamy!!!

The romance rings true, the time they spent fighting the feelings really sold the love in the end. While there is an instant smexy chemistry the true emotions take time to build. I really enjoyed their connection in the end.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by the deliciously smexy Gregory Salinas. He has a great voice that adds to all the sexiness of the book. It is a perfect fifty fifty blend of hot story and wickedly rich voice that will have you removing your panties! Oh lordy when her does the deep bedroom voice with all those naughty words!!! Fan face, yup I have several sections bookmarked for easy re-listening!! Yummilicious narration as always!!

If you find the ebook is not for you snag this audio and let Gregory weave his delicious magic! Heck, just grab the audio anyway, you will not be disappointed!!