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A Cursed Embrace

A Cursed Embrace - Cecy Robson There is a lot going on in this book so much drama with the demons and pack and the vampires. At one point I was lost as to where the whole thing was headed, and then it too a sudden turn into the dark. Everything got real serious all of a sudden and I am not sure how I feel about where the story stands.

I still like Celia and her sisters, think they are totally kick butt, however I am getting sick of everybody treating them like outsiders. They saved everyone from the blood-lust Vamps in the last book and pretty much ruled in this book as well. People should be bowing down to them not giving cold shoulders. While we are on the topic I am sick of the guys acting like they are fragile damsels in distress. It is grating how they act like they have to protect the little women, these girls are quite capable of defending themselves.

The whole love triangle pops it's ugly head again, another device that is way too popular in books. Celia and Aric are clearly meant to be mates, why mess with that? I know cause we need to create drama, like there isn't enough with the whole pure blood crap.

I realize now it is sounding like I dislike the series, not true, I am really enjoying it other than those gripes. This time around things get sexy and there is way more romance. Right up until the author rips your heart out. Sigh, should have seen it coming from the first book. Have a box of tissues hand for most of the second half.

The fighting is again rather graphic in the details. At one point I thought, oh gross. But battles are ugly and sloppy things.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Renée Chambliss, who does a wonderful job. She has a great energy a lightness in her voice. She managed to make all the sisters sound different, which is tricky especially when they are all part of the conversation. She had a great timber when voicing the men, yummy growl quality. She really makes the story move and her voice adds to the energy and excitement of the battles. I really love all the vampire accents, they are super fun to listen to!

I am interested in seeing what comes next. This isn't a must have series for me but I am more than mildly curious about where things are headed. I will definitely be checking when the next release date is, but can surely wait until payday to grab it.