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Raveled By You

Raveled By You - Clarissa Wild So, I was iffy about reading this book because I am not usually into books where the main character is cheating. But I decided to give it a pass and try it out.

Chloe is certainly like likable character it not a touch "poor me" at times. I generally like a gal with more spunk and sass. She had small sparks but in the end she was rather sweet and naive.

Kaito is a mystery. He is very intriguing character and at times seems very Dominant and rather sensual. He obviously comes from a world of wealth but does not come of pretentious or smarmy.

Setting aside the fact that Chloe is cheating on her boyfriend Ethan, this has the start for a really interesting romance. I was with it all the way up to the steam and then it lost me.

For some reason the bedroom scene left me dry. It just felt very mechanical. I was looking for hot and heavy with a touch of naughty talk. I got lukewarm with stilted phrases like "Did I give you enough pleasure?" I know he is Japanese but that is a little too polite even for me. I also question the heroines choice to forgo a condom because she is on the pill and the guy she met two days ago says he is clean. Tisk, Tisk!

When all is said and done I am still intrigued enough to hop over to Amazon and pick up the next book. I just hope it gets steamier!

*Disclosure: This ebook was provided to me free of charge through for the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments, and ratings are my own.*