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Whitney - Celia Kyle Holy freakin Awesome!!!!! I love this series and was eagerly awaiting this book!!! Whitney was my favorite from the start, she is sweet and caring with just enough spunk to match her sisters!!

This is the third book in the trilogy, I desperately hope it is not the last!!! There is wiggle room to continue!!! To which I say "Yes, Yes, Oh Gawd, Please, Yes!!!"

I pulled an all-nighter reading this one and am not the least but sorry about the lost sleep!! Really great storytelling and such fabulous humor!!! Many giggle-worthy moments from the sassy sisters!! Love them to pieces!

Whitney is all sweetness and light, ask her she will tell you, but she has a real snarky side as well. When pushed to her limits when is exactly like her older sisters in the attitude department!!

Levy and Emmett are delicious if not a touch on the jerky side at first. But as things play out their reasons are revealed. Once they get their heads straight the sparks seriously fly!!

Such yummy steamy action!! Oh yeah, hot and heavy, with a side of life altering!! Plenty of naughty bits to keep a gal happy!!!

Ms. Kyle came onto my radar with the first book in this series and is skyrocketing to the top of my TBR list!!! I can not wait to see what comes next!! While the major plot points were resolved there are threads that suggest more to come in this series. And that would be absolutely delightful!