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Last Request

Last Request - Arlene Webb This is a really quick read like all the 1NightStand series. It has a surprisingly serious topic for a smexy book. I was not sure how I felt about it most of the time. While you get the feeling things are not exactly as they seem, it is still a strange concept for an erotic romance.

It is very well written and keeps you attention, if in a slightly morbid manner. Strangely I was rather weepy through the read, it is that time of the month and I am emotional. This will definitely tug at those heart strings.

Only one steamy scene and it could have been hotter. But given the circumstances, there wasn't much of an option for more than one go around.

Ms Webb is new to me but I am definitely going to look into her backlist. She has loads of potential for stalking, um following!