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Fallen SEAL Legacy

Fallen SEAL Legacy - Sharon  Hamilton Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

I was excited for this book. Really Cooper was intriguing in the first book. He had that whole delicious bad boy thing going on, yummy player! Her definitely loves up to that in the first chapter. Way to start things off smexy!!

Cooper is an interesting guy and has loads of potential. It just feels rushed in the beginning. I never connected with his loss because it did not have time develop. Perhaps giving him more emotional connection would have helped. Even though he had lost his whole family, there was a major disconnect.

Libby is the kind of girl I usually like to read. She starts off with spunk and appears very strong. She seemed to fall off as the story progressed. I wanted her to stay that kick butt girl who broke a guys finger. That is a gal who could take care of herself. I also felt like she never dealt with her feelings about the situation with her mentor. She had moments where it felt like she was coming to terms with the incident, other times she acted like it never even happened.

The mixed narrative is great because you get into each character's head. The change of POV is very easy to follow and adds to the story. You get more than just Libby and Coop, there are a variety of supporting characters that offer a different narrative. This really helps the reader feel more engaged in the action.

There is a lot going on in this book. The story moves in many different directions, a reader really needs to stay on their toes to keep up. I was not surprised by the stalker, it was kind of right there from the start, even with all the possible curve balls thrown into the plot. While all the plot points were interesting they really seemed to pile up on top of each other. It felt like story overload, perhaps a touch of editing to reign things in would be suggested in the future.

There are connection in all of these books, we see carry over of the side story in the first book. Fredo and his love of Mia, Armando dealing with the family drama, and of course Mia being a world class brat. I get that this spill over is meant to lead me into the next book in the series. It just felt like a distraction from the main plot.

I listened to the audiobook and was once again very pleased with narrator J.D. Hart's performance. He has a yummy deep tone with just a touch of rasp. His speed is just right, I like the faster readers especially in action books. His women's voices are better this time. Far less whiny. All the voices were distinct ad easy to identify. He is a real compliment to the series and made the listening smooth. Once again there was a technique incorporated that made the messages and radio portions sound farther away.

The steamy parts are yummy!! That Cooper really knows how to get down and dirty!! Things progress quickly, but I am okay with that, especially when the characters have chemistry. These two a combustible!! Wickedly delightful to listen to, sigh, that man gives good ears!!

I am really interested in the series and seeing where things are going. There are many unresolved issues with Armando's plot. The last two books have been a big build up for his book. They were each interesting and enjoyable reads, I just felt like they were filled with bits leading to his eventual HEA. I hope it doesn't disappoint. He has been through a lot and that family dynamic is sure to give him fits.

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.