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Accidental SEAL

Accidental SEAL - Sharon  Hamilton Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

This is a case of a great concept that just didn't work for me. I could be wrong in my assessment, there are certainly many reviews here with higher ratings. For me it was just an okay read, it never really sparked anything. I readily admit I tend to be harsher on books because I read tons, an average reader may feel very differently about the book.

This is a very smexy read, plenty of yummy steam mixed into the action packed story. I have mixed feeling about this book, it had a great premise and was very well paced, it just lacked believably. However, I am willing to suspend reality at times.

Christy is a bit wishy-washy for me. She purports to be all "I am Woman, hear me roar" when she is rather needy. I wanted to smack her of shake the crap out of her at times. She would make really smart decisions one minute and in the next breathe do something colossally stupid. She had moments of sass but needed more.

Kyle was very aggravating as well, he seemed to be a touch ADD, especially on missions. I hate when the guy acts like his job is the big issue and insurmountable. Just because you are a bad@$$ soldier doesn't mean you can't have a life. Still he was sexy and Alpha in all the ways I love.

It is a mixed narrative, which gives you each lead character's POV. This helps make both of them more likable. Getting into their thoughts is a double edged sword, you find out their motivations but you also get in on their no so bright moments.

There are some really steamy scenes but they are more booty calls than making love. I could easily see the lust and a slight emotional connection, but definitely not love. They barely talked to each other, most of their time together was spent smexing. This felt more like the start of something but no where near ready to be a permanent relationship.

The story is complex and simple at the same time. There is a lot going on and at times there is information overload. Other times the info is vague and you are left feeling like chunks of story are missing. About halfway through the book the action really picks up and we get more into the grit of the story. From there things fly by!

I listened to the audiobook narrated by J.D. Hart, he has a delicious deep tone with just a touch of rasp. I loved his guy voices, deep and yummy, but Christy sounds a touch whiny. It does not help endear her to me. He has a wonderful pace in the read and really helps the story more at sluggish moments. I look forward to him reading the rest of the series. There are a few moments with recorded messages that are played like real recordings, it is an interesting break in the narrative.

The supporting characters are very interesting and colorful. I am eager to hear more of their stories. Cooper sounds delicious!! The rest of the team has possibility as well.

Overall, this is an interesting start to the series. I am interested in hearing more and the plots are intriguing. I do enjoy a great romantic suspense.

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.