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Must Love Fangs

Must Love Fangs - Jessica Sims I love this concept!!! A paranormal dating agency has so much potential for stories!!!

In this book we get the story of Marie, one of the still single office girls, and yummy playboy cougar shifter Joshua. They are such a mismatched pair that they work. Her snark had me laughing out loud!

The smexy takes a while but when it gets there, hold on to you panties!!! Oh la, the bedroom door is wide open and deliciously detailed! Not as far as an erotic novel but more than enough to have a gal wishing for a cold shower.

The background story here gets a bit tedious, I was ready for more action to happen early on. Thankfully things pick-up when they get together. There is more detail about Vamps this time around and a few visits from leads in the Novellas. I read a couple, so it was a happy reunion!

The narrative is again all from Marie's POV, which really limits the perspective. I hate not having any idea what the guy is thinking until he tells you. I really wish we had some mixed narrative in this series.

I was getting a little tired of human bashing in this book. Seriously, they haven't worked this out by now? They have been around humans all their lives and coexist with them. Why all the hate?

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Leah Mallach, who has improved since the first book. I enjoyed this read more than the other and really felt she has grown with the series. Her pace is great and moves the book along, adding energy to key moments. I adore her women's voices and the men have grown on me. I am very please to hear her accents are less sketchy. I am looking forward to hearing her in the fourth book.

Overall, this is a really great series, I wish it would keep going and not stop at four books. I am picking up the novellas as I go, which are delightful! I would love to have all of them in one audiobook, a Midnight Liaisons anthology. Delightful!

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.