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Deadly Obsession

Deadly Obsession - Katie Reus This is a tough one, I really like Katie Reus Erotic romances and thought I would try her Romantic Suspense. The book started off interesting, it is rare to get a part of the narrative from the bad guy's POV. And he is one evil guy, his thoughts are not for the squeamish.

The story centers on the reunited lovers Lily and Braden. I wanted to like them, I really did, but things just did not turn out that way.

Lily is suffering from PTSD and a really bad case of too-stupid-to-live. She routinely puts herself into unsafe situations knowing there is a stalker out there after her. She was dead set on making the bad guy's job easier. I kept thinking she must suck at her job as a NSA agent.

Braden started off on my good side, but too many comments about women not being as strong as men put him in the negative. He also has this bad habit of not believing anything Lily tells him until somebody else confirms things. Way to be supportive.

The steam is more tension than action smexy scenes. There is one hot bedroom scene with an open door, but by then I was over both characters.

The story was really intriguing, but the major plot twist was obvious. I was it coming pretty much from the first mention and was not the least bit surprised to be right. But I read a lot of mysteries and watch tons of crime dramas, maybe it won't be as obvious to others. It was well paced and had plenty of action to keep the flow of the story.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Eliza Foss, who does a lovely job. She has interesting and distinct voices that stayed consistent throughout the read. She has a very steady pace that helps move the story along. She added just the right amount of energy into the read to make the action real. She definitely does a great job with the text and made me keep listening, even with all the holes in the plot.

Overall, I was disappointed that this book did not match my enthusiasm for other books by Ms Reus. Too much of the story was predictable and the characters did not act according to the threat. I would have expected much more diligence in watching for attacks. I like to figure things out when I am reading a mystery, but I like my lead characters to at least be with me in the process. They were all way too slow on the uptake. I am still wiling to try another of this author's Romantic Suspense books, just not right away.