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Fated Healing [Kindred of Arkadia 5] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)

Fated Healing [Kindred of Arkadia 5] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove) - Alanea Alder I can't be mad at Ms Alder, she warned me in the beginning I would need tissues. However she did not tell me it would be uncontrollable full on Claire Danes Ugly face sobbing!! Seriously, it was nothing like the delicate pretty crying I usually do.

Not to give away spoilers but you will go through the ringer! If you have been reading the series from the beginning you are invested in all the characters well being. When something happens to threaten many of the people you have come to care about things get emotional. Prepare for most of the book to put you in a depressed state!

Fortunately, Ms Alder has a gift for inducing tears and following them up with laughter a page later! This is one of the many reasons I love her and the series.

Felix is a very funny guy and he fits right in with the core group in Arkadia. I really did love seeing him find his mate and place in town. You also get a glimpse at what makes him tick and why he is an attention seeker.

Dr. Claybourne is stiff, responsible and a tad OCD, perfect match for Felix!! They balance each other perfectly!! I can not wait to see them pop up throughout the series!

There is not a huge amount of steam, it just would not seem right with the serious events surrounding them. The steam that is there is quite delicious!! MM is not my thing but some of the scenes were scorching!

I can not wait for the next yummy book!! This series is a favorite because the characters have such life and are so engagingly dynamic! I am always eager for the next story but this time I am on pins and needles cause I know it will be a dishy bear shifter finding his mate!!