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Sexy Witches: The Complete Series

Sexy Witches: The Complete Series - Charity Parkerson Book One: The Sexy & The Undead
This was a really interesting listen. I really like the characters but could have used more world building. There are many things that take a long time to be revealed. At first I was confused about what was happening.

Ella is rather sweet and haphazard. I would have loved more build and flirtation in her relationship with Sam. Perhaps show more of her trying to cure Freddie. I liked what I saw of her, just needed more.

I was a touch thrown by the Fates angle of the plot. It will be interesting to see how that develops through the series. Love the supporting cast, Freddie,Tam and Randall were great! I really hope we get to see their HEA.

There is plenty of sizzle but it is light on the smexy details. Still, quite nice for a short read.

I liked the mixed narrative, it helps you really understand both Ella and Sam. There is a bit of emotional drama, but that is par for the course with a good romance.

Book Two: Wanted: Hexed or Alive
This is an extremely short read. But I hope it is just a teaser for a story to come.

Set in the same world as the first book a little further down the time line. Looks like Randall might get a chance at love. I enjoyed finding out more about him and his magic tricks.

Book Three: The Pixie & The Prince
The great thing about this book is it is two romances for the price of one. The stories are interconnected and really kind of sweet. I was thrilled to get the HEA for Tam and Freddie!

The story has several POV, all the mixed narrative is key for understanding everything. The romances are mostly sweet, there is a bit of smexy detail.

There is a fair share of mythology mixed into this series. I really would like the books to be longer and the world to be a but more fleshed out. They are very intriguing and have huge potential.

Book Four:Tasting Temptation
Oh wow!! I loved this quick little read!!! The story built up from the world of the previous books in the series.

Skylar is a great sassy girl, with curves, and mostly confident. Gideon is deliciously Alpha and rather sweet. They are a great pair and it was great reading them getting together. I do wish it were longer, then we could really see those feelings develop.

The book has a mixed narrative, so you have both leads POV, which is important. It helps you see Gideon trying and understand his feelings for Skylar.

Hello, yummy smexy scenes!! Just enough detail to keep it hot and steamy!! Kicks things up a notch from previous books.

Book Five: The Wizard & The Wanton
It has been a delight seeing this series progress from book to book. We finally pick up in this book with Randall and Rowena, from the earlier short story. And we get a bonus romance of Harper and Death. I love the two for one deal.

This book has a great little story, wish it were longer. I loved the mixed narrative, fantastic knowing where everybody is coming from. All the transition are very smooth.

Hot, hot, hot!! Oh yeah, the smexy scenes have really kicked up! I am talking seriously steamy and plenty of detail. Look out cold shower!

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Hollie Jackson, who has been great through the series. I love her accents and the delicate touch she has with them. She has a swift pace that really fits the smexy scenes and energy of the read. I really enjoyed her work and will have to look for other reads!

Overall, this book has been enjoyable and a great concept. I hope there is more to come, we still have a few supporting charterers that are single. I would just like to see the stories a bit longer, take more time building the world and relationships.

Disclosure- I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.