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State of Nature: Book Three of The Park Service Trilogy

State of Nature - Ryan Winfield Such a great read!!! This series has been such a journey. Warning - If you do not want to end up an ugly-crying- sobbing mess, DO NOT READ THE EPILOGUE!!!!! I was completely devastated by the epilogue!

I have always felt the heart of this story is the friendship between Aubrey and Jimmy. They are so loyal to each other, and sacrifice at every turn. Pretty much the whole time they stay at each other's side. The platonic "I Love You" scene is touching. It really shows the depth of their relationship.

The book is all from Aubrey's POV, again, and you get to see how he isn't trying to be a hero, just do the right thing. Hannah is as crazy as her father, such hatred for no reason.

With any Dystopian series, things are mostly grim, you see sparks of hope, only to have them stamped out. This journey breaks your heart more than one. The second book was tough, losing the people on the Isle of Man, Junior and a possible love interest for Jimmy. Reading the books all together, that wound is still fresh. This book rips those wounds open and throws a little salt in as well.

There are may twists and turns revealed, one I suspected, others were a shock. Truly engaging and dynamic story telling kept the story moving, even when the action was at a lull. I loved every minute of the journey, even the ones that had me in tears. This story highlights the worst of man and the best of us as well. One of my favorite quotes was "Would I give up innocence for wisdom", it is one of the key themes for Aubrey. It is a wonder he trusts anyone in the end.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Michael Braun, who delivers a wonderful read. He has consistent and distinct voices throughout the read. My only real complaint is that the pace is very slow, even when I sped it up in the app. Fortunately that did not effect the energy of the story throughout the read. I love his tone, especially when he is reading for Jimmy. He adds just the perfect touches to bringing the tale to life. I am definitely looking for more of his reads.

This series has been such a delight and heartbreak at the same time. When I requested a copy from the author, I really did not know what I was in for. This is one of those stories and characters that will stay with me a long time. When I think of them, there will be tears and smiles. These kinds of books are made to make you stop and think. I can only how that the powerful message is delivered to many young people.

Disclosure - I received a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.