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Falke's Captive

Falke's Captive - Madison Layle,  Anna Leigh Keaton Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

I listened to the audiobook on this one and enjoyed it but it felt long at times. It was a good book and had all the elements I usually adore. The pace just seemed off somehow.

I really liked Beth and all her sassy attitude, she is just my kind of gal! Kelan and Reidar are great guys and I did love the yummy Dom streak they carried! They really made my heart beat quicken!

There are plenty of smexy scenes in this short read, girl they are hot!! Who could resist a man, or a pair, who gets bossy in the bedroom!!

The narrator, Elizabeth Matthews, does a great job. She did terrific with all the voices and had just the right sensual touch in the steamy scenes.

I can not say why I did not connect with this series, it has all the things I usually get hooked on, but not in this one. I am still interested in checking out more of the series. Maybe it is time for a genre switch to keep hings fresh.