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A Kitty in the Lion's Den

A Kitty in the Lion's Den - Jenika Snow Great story here, it is very detailed and takes you into their world. I love this series and seeing the supporting characters get HEA after finding out their back stories.

The story this time was very interesting, it just could have used a touch more suspense. It was easy to see where things were headed, still entertaining though. I really would have liked to hear more about the shifter mafia.

Maverick is a character I was interested in from the first book he popped up in, I think it was fighting one of the Wylde bears. I loved the idea of this ultimate bad boy lion shifter. He is quite delicious, a touch of dirty talk, could have been more.

Kettah is a sweetheart, with a hidden core of strength. She was very sheltered and innocent. I loved her cooking even though she had never spent any time in a kitchen. She is a perfect march to all her mate's hardness.

This is an erotic romance, but there is a surprising lack of steam. Do not get me wrong, there are a couple really smexy scenes. They are wickedly delicious in all their glorious detail, just too few of them. Once the couple did the deed the story progressed quickly, this kind of skipped the steamy playtime I am sure they had.

I am totally invested in this series, but there is one theme I am not in love with. Every book has a scene where the hero has meaningless sex with a one night stand. I get that it is meant to show how they have been players and how they change when they meet their mate. But is is something that annoys me every time. I am very happy these events happen prior to the mating, but they are a distraction and color the guys in a bad light.