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A Lamb for the Bear's Appetite

A Lamb for the Bear's Appetite - Jenika Snow Great read in the Sweet Water series. I do love my bears, especially when they dirty talk!!

This book had a greater concentration on the back story. It was interesting seeing how mates might react to each other under such unexpected circumstances. I mean, really who would expect to meat their one and only in a strip club? Add on all the issues Olive is facing, well, Liam definitely has is work cut out for him!

I really liked all the time building the story and characters. It was really well developed. Not always the case in smexy reads. I love that we went more into the whole mating instinct and how there are real feeling underneath.

The smexy is quite delicious when it happens. I love that it is built up and the connection is clear before they steam things up. It is very hot when Liam using his naughty words! Sigh, I totally dig a dirty talker!

I loved the Epilogue. It was a really great look into all the past couples of the series and the Wylde Bears as well. It felt like a visit with old friends, and if you did not read the series it was a intro to all the characters.

I can not wait for the next book! This is easily a favorite series!! Yummy Smexy Shifters!!!