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The Crimson Rope

The Crimson Rope - London Saint James, Raven McAllan, Elyzabeth M. VaLey, Doris O'Connor, Nikki Prince, R. Brennan I love smexy anthologies!! They are great ways to get books from authors you love and meet new naughty writers! This book totally serves up the hot and heavy!! This is great for all you BDSM book lovers!

The Exhibition by London Saint James - This was a fun read, I always enjoy the theme of girl crushing on best friend's big brother. This one gives a new twist in that the best friend is a guy and gay. This one will get you hot under the collar real quick!!

Amazing Maisie by Raven McAllan - It is a really sweet story, while still being sexy! It is all about communication and misconceptions. Great explanations of the lifestyle!

Liberating Lua by Elyzabeth M. VaLey - This story is a historical BDSM. It was good just not my favorite.

Taboo by Doris O'Connor - This is an older man younger woman romance, with the added twist that he is a family friend. Eh, not really my thing, but there are loads of folks out there who love this theme.

Lock Stock and Spank Her by R. Brennan - This was my favorite in the anthology. This is a book that really takes you through the newbie paces. I was also really interested in reading about what happens at a munch.

The Cowboy and the Schoolmarm by Nikki Prince - Cowboys are a weakness!! I just love how sexy and rugged they are, add in a touch of kink and I am in lust!!

Great book that gives you a taste of a few different authors. I am definitely going to look for more of all these ladies!!