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About That Night (Berkley Sensation)

About That Night (Berkley Sensation) - Julie James I really wanted to love this book, it just fell a little short. The story lacked side action, it was more drama. There were a lot of flashback scenes that were very detailed. While they gave great insight into the characters and where they are now, they tended to drag the story down a bit.

The book starts out with their meet cute and then jumps forward 9 years. These two definitely have chemistry and it was delightful to read them finally getting together. Ms. James has a wonderful way of crafty smarty sassy gals and pairing them with charming Alpha men. It really is a perfect way to cultivate the witty banter she is so skilled at creating!

The steam is ever so delicious!! Open bedroom door that does not disappoint. Yummy naughty talk and plenty of oh, hell yeah scenes!

The supporting cast is once again awesome! I wish we could have a few novellas of the FBI partner's HEA. The fellas are a touch metro but they definitely deserve a little lovin too!

The story this time was much slower, the flashbacks weighed it down. I really was hoping for more in the side plot, at least one attempt on somebodies life would have perked me up.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Karen White, who is always a pleasure. She has a slight rasp to her voice that really fits the snarky ladies and adds a gruff touch to the men's voices. The energy it the steamy parts really gets your engine revved. I am not generally turned on by women's voices, but Ms White definitely hits those naughty scenes in the most delicious manner!!

While I did not love the whole book, I did really enjoy it. Please let Cade be next!!

Disclosure - I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my ow.