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Spike's Day Out

Spike's Day Out - Zenina Masters I am going to start by saying I really like the concept of this book and the characters. It brings new depth to the Crossroads permanent residents and connects more with the shifter council. There is more intrigue in the beginning and the end, great drama. But the story leaves you hanging on the why and subplots. Who is the she the panther mentioned?

Love Spike!! I can see her playing a key role in future Crossroads matings. She has a real matchmaking streak. Albert is very supportive of his lady, I could have used a touch more Alpha in his personality. They have a great dynamic but could have used more conflict in their romance. She said she wants someone who will fight with her as well as for her. More banter would have sold that aspect of the relationship.

The steam is spicy and keeps thing smexy. Not a whole lot but enough to keep it in the naughty list!!

I am excited for the next book and can not wait to see the next pairing. I was a touch disappointed the Authors Note did not give any hints. Also, never apologize for the story! I enjoyed it and the apology made me think I should not have! Still loving the series and it is definitely one of my auto buys each month!!