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FATHER (The Vampire Diner Book 1)

FATHER (The Vampire Diner Book 1) - Vikki Lawrence This is a really short teaser book, gives you a hint of the world and characters. If it were food I would call it an amuse-bouche, a taste of things to come.

Not a lot to review here,but it definitely has me intrigued about the reset of the series! Here's hoping a full book will release soon. I love the idea of Vampires running a diner and that is how they get blood donations.

All single POV, which makes things limited. I would love to see things switch up in a full book and get a taste of other characters as well. Give us a broader picture to view.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Al Kessel, who has a great read. I thoroughly enjoyed his tone and pace in this all to brief read. He has a great quality to his voice that lends itself to the character. Terrific job of keeping voices consistent and distinct, especially during the dialogue between two males characters.

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for am honest review. All thoughts, ratings and opinions are my own.