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Scorched Bear: A Paranormal Werebear Shifter Romance

Scorched Bear: A Paranormal Werebear Shifter Romance - Kay Perry Ugh, first person

Ugh, first person

I love bear shifters, so I wanted to love this book. It just did not work out that way.

First it is all from the child's POV an din first person. Not a happy place for me as a reader.

The overall story is repetitive with the heroine spending a lot of time begging for the hero's attention and thanking him repeatedly. She comes off as pathetic. I was so annoyed with her most of the book. The trauma she experiences was all in her head compared to his very real tragedy.

The end has some steam and a fair bit of detail. I was just not buying into the love. Not after such a short time with very little interaction.

This was disappointing, I read another bear book by the same author that I enjoyed. It is still early days for her and she is developing a voice. I would be interested to see more as she grows and progresses in her art.