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Mate Set

Mate Set - Laurann Dohner I had previously read this book and decided to reacquaint my self with the series in audio. It reminded me of just how much I enjoyed it the first time around!! Such a great read!

Mika is just the sassy snarky kind of gal I love to read. She knows what she wants and goes for it. I adored her banter and spunky attitude. The way she teases Grady is so naughty and delightful! She does push things too far at times, especially knowing the danger she faces.

Grady is a gruff Alpha wolf, who has no plans for a human mate. This makes him a bit of an a-hole most of the book. He is fighting it with everything he has and really not very likeable at times.

The whole book is from Mika's POV, which is part of why Grady comes off so badly. If there had been a mixed narrative he cold have explained himself to the reader in his thoughts. Cause his actions said major bad news d-bag.

The steam is off the charts hot!!! I am talking forget eh panties and have a fella nearby!!! Oh lord do those wolves like to lick their treats! And the biting. And the dominance!! Good lordy!

There are some major drama moments in the story, these kids have things to work out. I really loved the supporting cast and hope to see some wolfie brothers find mates soon!

I listened to the audiobook narrated by G. C. VonCloudts, who does a great job. Plenty of variation in the voices and consistency. She has a great tone that leads itself to the material. I loved her energy throughout the read, especially in the naughty bits! The girl gives good voice!

I really enjoyed this book despite the hero being arrogant and highhanded. I am eager to read the next book in the series again and then move on to the third book which will be a first time read!