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Jason & Cadence

Jason & Cadence - R.E. Butler This is the first book in the series and I must say it kicks things off to a great start.

For the first half of the book spunky Cadence and Jason dance around each other and their long standing attraction. Loads of drama there. But when they finally work things out it is pretty awesome! I really liked Cadence but was not sure what she saw in Jason especially with his attitude. They both did a a 180 personality wise when they got together. But I generally liked them and their interactions even when they were struggling.

It is a really interesting story and there is a lot going on at first. However after the main conflict finishes up things really slow down. the first 75% of the book is really well paced and then the end kind of drags. I did like that we got more into the day to day after the happy ever after but it was a little too drawn out for my liking. I would have liked maybe one more punch in there to jazz things up.

All the supporting characters were great and I can not wait for hem to find their mates! Especially Callie and Michael!

There are many laugh out loud moments in this book and plenty of forehead slapping moments as well. Guys can be really clueless at times! I did love that is was a split narrative alternating between the two main characters. I love being in on the thoughts from both sides of a romance.

The story was really great and very detailed. Maybe a little to detailed at the end. But it had my attention and was really enjoyable storytelling.

The steam factor here was very nice! There are several really detailed hot and heavy scenes that will leave you panting! There are also numerous times that is is skimmed over in deference to moving the story along. I liked that but also felt a touch cheated. There was one spot where things were just getting good and the bedroom door was closed in our faces!

I think I will definitely be getting the other books in the series and following MS Butler's other works. I am well on my way to being hooked!