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Tarnished and Torn

Tarnished and Torn - Juliet Blackwell Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

Really solid read, possibly the end of the series? All the other books left off with a tie in to the next mystery. This book seemed to wrap everything up and leave you with a HEA.

I really enjoyed getting to know Lily and all her friends in San Fran. Great quirky read with engaging mysteries that held you in sway the whole book. I love all her friends and especially her familiar Oscar. The series will give you warm fuzzies!! Sure there are demons and witch hunts and darker elements, but the book still feels like a light read. The content is hearty, without being overly taxing.

I am very happy with the way things turned out, I was hoping for that romantic outcome. I am also very happy the romance was a secondary element. So often in the cozy mysteries the romance takes center stage.

I have the audiobooks of this series, great deal on Audible. The narrator, Xe Sands, is fantastic. I love her style and her tone is perfect. She really has a way of making the story come alive, animated and dynamic read. Definitely adding her to my list of narrators to fangirl over!!

Sigh, it is sad when a series ends, rather like moving away to a new city. You leave all your old friends with promises to visit, you intend to keep them but never really do. Time will tell if there is another book to give us a reunion. Such lovable characters, maybe I can find time somewhere down the line to reread!