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Cursed - S.J. Harper Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

What a great read. I went in expecting an interesting Urban Fantasy, but it was so much more. There is a great police procedural story, a smexy romance and intriguing threads left to be tied!! I can see this being an addictive series!!

Emma is a Siren, yup from Mythology, that was a really awesome aspect. I have always had a thing for Mythology since my teens. This series mixes deities, vampires, witches, werewolves and other paranormals into modern times. There is some really fantastic world building, although much is left open to be explored in the rest of the series.

I really love Emma's whole attitude and sass! She is a terrific character who is well balanced by her partner Zack. Sigh, I do love the wolfie guys!! Zack feels like he is holding back his full Alpha-ness, but I expect that to change as the series progresses. The dynamic between the two is engaging, dynamic and just a touch heartbreaking.

There are a few smexy scenes, open bedroom door but not as down and dirty as an erotic novel. Still plenty of hotness to steam up your ereader/earphones!! I do so enjoy a take charge guy who just grabs his girls and...ugh...you know where that is headed!!! Holy hot shower sex!!!

The supporting characters are interesting and multifaceted. I really like her BFF Liz who is a witch, smexy charismatic vamp Kallistos and all the people involved in the investigation. It was a pretty straight forward case but there were a few curve-balls thrown in there to keep the reader guessing. There are also many threads that could lead to other tales in the series, ruthless Alpha wolves, power-hungry vampire princes, and of course a Goddess who hold a serious grudge! There will of course be a love triangle, because what would an UF be without one!

The book is pretty much all from Emma's POV, which isn't a bad thing, it just keeps you from knowing others true feelings until they say them. And even then they could be lying. Still she has an interesting perspective and is fun to read.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Johanna Parker, who does a fabulous job. She has a real feel for all the characters, giving distinct and consistent voices throughout. I loved her slightly snark tone and enjoyed the pace of the read. I prefer a quicker read and she totally delivered! She was also brilliant in adding energy and emotion into key points in the narrative. I will definitely be looking for more of her reads! She gives good voice!

Overall, this was a fascinating first book in the series. It gives just enough to get you wanting more. Plenty of places to go with the next book, can't wait!!