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Savage Smoke

Savage Smoke - Kay Dee Royal The second book in the series also needs a serious content warning. Very dark erotic fiction, non-consensual and drugged sex. Really not my thing. But maybe it suits you, many have these fantasies, there are tons of short stories on Amazon with just that theme. They were just too graphic for me and I had to do some major page jumping to get through the book. I will admit, having read the first book, I had a little inkling of what wasin store for me when it came to content.

The story here is a direct continuation of the first book. We pick up with Lindsey and Trevor's story. Smoke is still a very bad wolf and he gets even worse. Um, can somebody tell me how this despicable creature warranted a sort of HEA. WTF, I almost threw my kindle across the room! He wasn't just a bad boy, he was seriously nasty evil, raping and pillaging, there was a particularly nasty scene in the last book where he slaughtered a barn full of innocent animals.

Aside form my issues withe the villain and his deeds, the book is very well written and fast paced. I am sure there is going to be at least one more book, there were many loose ends. I am not sure what I will do when faced with the next addition. I tend to be the curious cat who just has to know how things end. But I will definitely go into it know it is dark and probably will make me mad.

I suppose I can say that Ms Royal did a great job of making me feel. I give her credit for making me so angry I almost did damage to my precious ereader! She had a great writing style and I really liked the mixed POV, it is one of my favorite types of storytelling. I liked most of the characters and the consensual steamy scenes were delicious. Very hot and heavy, in a good way!

It is clear I am not her target audience, if you are affected by scenes that could be viewed as triggers you should pass as well. Or read the book and skip those scenes.

*Disclosure - I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. *