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Bared for Her Bear

Bared for Her Bear - Jenika Snow I really love some sexy bear shifters!!! Yummy brawny grumps!! They are easily my favorite shifters/paranormals and I will read anything with them!

Charlie is delicious and Ary is really sweet, if not a touch low on self esteem. I really like this pair and was very happy with them getting together. They had a little bit of a journey to make everything work.

The story here is really enjoyable but it felt like it was on fast forward at times. I like to see the romance develop and have those sweet moments. Much of that was glossed over and the people they were in the Epilogue was different from who they were throughout the book. I would have loved to see more of that growth. And instead of telling me about phone calls and wooing, I would love to see it happen.

The steam here was off the charts!! I am talking loads of yummy action all over the house!!! Girl, this was some smexy steam!! There seemed to be way more to the steamy chapters than the romance but it was delicious!! Seriously, you might want to read this book while in a cold shower, don't ask how you can manage that feat.

I am definitely hooked on Ms Snow and will be dedicating stalking time to her!