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A Fox Between the Bear's Sheets

A Fox Between the Bear's Sheets - Jenika Snow I think Ford can easily make it onto my fav smexy bear list!!! He is just so delicious!!! Loved this book!!

First, in order to get to the awesome part of the book you have to get through the first two chapters, that are rather angsty for the hero and he is less than likable at times. But is is important to understand his back story and why he is so gun-shy.

The third chapter is where the romance comes in and the story really picks up momentum. Loads of great story telling and a fabulous dynamic between Ford and Talia. I really loved them together!! Such a delight to see the beginnings of something special. This time the pacing was right on point. Steady story action balanced out with bedroom action.

Now I am always a big fan of the bear shifters, let me tell you this one does not disappoint in the steam factor!! Hold onto your panties girls cause it is off the freakin hook!!! Or just leave the panties off cause you will go through a weeks supply reading all the hot and heavy pounding in this book!! Oh, and swoon, Ford is a dirty talker!! Yeah, it was seriously hot and I was highlighting smexy scenes to review again later!!

Can not wait to see what happen with baby bear bro Bram!