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Fighting Dirty for His Girl

Fighting Dirty for His Girl - Jenika Snow Warning there are some tough scenes here because of the nature of the female lead's abuse. They may be triggers for some who have suffered similar situations of molestation or rape. Not overly detailed but still uncomfortable at times. Very well written and handled with care.

Loved it to pieces!!! Really great finally to the Wylde Bros Trilogy, although to feel at least one more book for a certain Doctor brother in law! Even Kenzie wants him to get a HEA.

Great story this time and wonderful storytelling. The pace was great and the events just flowed. Really tough subject matter was presented in a manner that got the point across without being graphic.

Bram is really a delicious brut! I lived all his roughness and the way he reigned it in for his lady. I showed he had a gentle side buried under all that gruff brawn.

Kenzie is a fabulous character. She was definitely battered and not broken. Even in moments where she wanted to give up, she still found the strength to fight back. I loved her growth and seeing her blossom.

Such yummy steamy action!!! Very hot and heavy, you might need a cold shower after! Bram like his brother is a bit of a dirty talker. There is just something about all those naughty words that soaks a girls panties!

I loved the whole catch up in the Epilogue. It was wonderful to see where everybody was and how their families have grown in five years. I still think Luke deserves a book of his own! Maybe a Sweet Water spinoff! Ary had a couple single girlfriends who could use HEA as well!