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Hers - Hazel Gower I was eagerly awaiting this book, teased and tempted by it in the previous book. I was dying for Sammy's story!

This did not disappoint, really great and detailed story that had great pacing. I was totally into it from beginning until end.

It was terrific to see her growth and all strength to overcome her past relationship. She had several ups and downs but that is part of the process. Sammy is a fantastic character, you could really see the spunky girl she had been before her abusive boyfriend. I can't wait to read more of her and the guys in future books, she is well on the way to showing how she keeps up with her sassy friends!

Brock and Slater are really delicious!! I loved them and all the work they put into the relationship. Plus they are such yummy bears!!

The steam factor was hot and heavy as usual! Really spicy action that makes a girl head off to a cold shower. Swoon!

I did get a touch annoyed at repetition. Are we seriously still dealing with Adele, the nasty Mother-In-Law. And there were a few times when something was covered in a chapter and the following chapter started with a recap of those event. But that is a minor complaint when I really love these books.

This the best book so far in the series. I can not wait to hear more!! Gwen and her smexy firefighters, Jane needs a fella and Slater's brothers are just itching for mates!!