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Dirty Rotten Scoundrel

Dirty Rotten Scoundrel - Liliana Hart Book three in the series takes on Jack's past and more of the mystery around JJ's parents. There are less plot holes in this story, Still rapid fire and charismatic as ever!

The relationship between JJ and Jack is pretty solid, I like that, too much drama kills a series. He does blow one thing out of proportion, she only waited a day. The banter and playfulness between the two is a staple and key thing I love in the series. They are a dynamic couple and I love the way they interact.

The bedroom door is open, but not scorching details like an erotic romance. There is plenty of naughtiness to keep a gal warm and fanning her face! These two have spent so long denying themselves that they have gone combustible!!! To say they go at it like rabbits is an understatement!! But it fits the whole feel of the book.

The narrative is all from JJ's POV, which is fine, but you are left wondering what is on Jack's mind. He is very verbal about his feelings, which helps.

The mystery this time is interesting and takes us into Jack's past. We get a much fuller picture of what his time as a cop in the city. Thank goodness this was more on a solvable level. I like being able to put those pieces together. The story has plenty of action to keep you on your toes.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Laura Faye Smith, who is rapidly becoming a favorite. She has a great way of adding movement into the narration, plenty of energy in the action and smexy scenes. Great voices that are distinct and consistent, you never have to wonder who is speaking. She has a really pleasant tone that holds humor and sass.

Overall, I am enjoying the progression of this series. The underlying mystery of her parents activities grows more intriguing with each book. I love the relationship between the main characters and the supporting cast is engaging as well. These are fun quick reads that I have easily become addicted to!