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The Devil's Due: A Novella of the Breeds, from Enthralled

The Devil's Due: A Novella of the Breeds, from Enthralled - Lora Leigh, Brianna Bronte I have been reading this series for awhile now. There are books that I love and ones I could have skipped. The stories are all connected and hints/clues are peppered through everything, so you really do have to read the whole series in order.

Every time it comes to a novella, I feel rushed. There is so much more that could be in the stories. I really liked Katie and yummy Devil. This book could have been so much more. Plenty of other hints dropped about future books, we will see if they are really followed through on or dropped. That is a big issue I have with the series Ms Leigh is heavy in the foreshadowing but very light on the follow through. It is always something that leaves me cold.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Brianna Bronte, who is wonderful! She does a fabulous job with the action of the story, instilling just the right amount of energy. Add on the task of some Irish accents, which she does a great job of performing while keeping them distinct and consistent. She did such a great job on the read that she kept me listening even when I was feeling let down by the story. I am definitely going to look for more of her work!

As far as this series goes, I am invested, so I will probably keep reading. I won't be rushing to buy the next book on release day, but I will get around to it, eventually. Sadly this is a series I used to love, but the issues I outlined are just taking their tole.