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Some like It Sinful

Some like It Sinful - Robbie Terman The second book in the series was just as enjoyable as the first. Ms Terman really knows her way around a story. The only downer for me was the sports angle, hockey isn't really my thing.

Chloe is a really great character and I love her snarky attitude. Griffen is a really interesting guy, he starts out kinda jerky but really grows through the book. I loved their whole story and dynamic were fun to read. They both had a long journey to find love, the second half of the book really puts you through the emotional ringer! Have tissues, lots of tissues!

The narrative is a split POV, going back and forth between the main characters. I love this because you really get to see how each character is feeling. Without Griffen's POV, you might just think he is all selfish jerk, but he has way more depth to him.

The steam her is really quite delicious, still more mainstream smexy than detailed erotic. They do know how to get down though!! These two a definitely in lust from the beginning, it was fun to see the sparks fly!

Great visits with characters from previous book and some new supporting roles added!! Oh, please let Jenna be the next book!! I am dying to know what is going on there!! Or Taryn could be another lucky lady to find love, I see her fitting in very well with the other gals!

This is the perfect read if you are looking for a sexy contemporary romance, if you are a hockey fan you are likely to love it cause it references games and practices. But if you are a non-sportie like myself you might feel like skimming those parts. Still really well written and enjoyable read that took me on a sweet journey to a charming HEA!

*Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.*