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Saved by One, Shared by Two

Saved by One, Shared by Two - Sylvia Ryan, Rex J. Silverton Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

I have the audio book and really enjoyed listening to the story. The narrator Rex, J. Silverton is a delicious delight to the ears!! There are not many men who take on erotic romance, Mr Silverton causes multiple eargasms!! When he goes into the deep voices of the men in dominant mode...girl shivers!!

The story is a little confusing in the beginning, I was naughty and did not read the blurb before listening. So, it took a little bit to really get what had happened and where the world was at that moment. But once things are clear the story really flows.

I really love the mixed narrative. It really helps you get to know what all the characters are thinking and feeling. It is also really clear when the POV changes. Through both the wonderful voices the narrator keeps distinct and the switches coinciding with new chapters.

Julia is a bit of a contradiction, she is a kickbutt chick but she also wants to be homey. I like her sassy attitude and the way she pushes the men to take control.

Arden and Ben are a delicious pair. They really do make the perfect man! And it definitely takes two guys to handle Julia. Such yummy dominance in the bedroom.

The steam is off the hook!! Really hot and heavy in both the one on one and they menage scenes. A girl needs a shower pretty often, specially when it is being read in that sexy voice!! Swoon.

The story here is very involved and at times it seemed a touch repetitive. There is a lot going on and the story spans a fairly long period of time. I imagine if I had been reading the book on my own I would have been tempted to skim.