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Soul Resurrected

Soul Resurrected - Keri Lake Oh boy, get ready for some angst and drama!! It is great but it is not a light and fluffy kind of read!! Loads of brooding going on, but in a really delicious guy, so drool!!

Logan is such a yummy jerk most of the time. Why do we always love the sexy guy who is mean and grouchy? Oh yeah, because they usually have a delicious squishy center! Once he gets over the whole dark and brooding phase you really do come to love him!

Calla is so very shy and sweet, but do not let that fool you, she has a core of strength. I love a gal like her! Logan and Calla have a great dynamic and you really root for them to get together and heal each other. I know, sappy romantic, but that is what I will always be!

Another terrific story with loads of wonderful twists and turns!! I want the next book ASAP!! I love a well crafted Urban Fantasy and this one does not disappoint! This book introduced us to several characters who I can see taking the lead in their own books! Ms. Lake definitely is going on my Must Read list!!

*Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for am honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.*