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Oliver's Hunger

Oliver's Hunger - Tina Folsom Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

This series started off really strong, I loved the first books and then the last couple were a chore to get through. This one is really well done but there are parts that are super annoying.

Oliver is a really interesting character because we have known him from the beginning of the series and experienced his turn in the last book. I really liked that he had to struggle and we got a glimpse into what happens to a new vamp. It makes him more real than some of the other guys. I also applaud him for not buckling in the face of all his "friends" doubts.

Ursula is another great gal, she had been through so much and kept fighting. If I had been held for years and only knew pain from vampires it would be unlikely I would trust any, even ones who saved me, right away. Her strength and sass were engaging throughout.

The smexy steam was delicious. I loved the car scene. Oh girl, you will need a cold drink for that one! And when the narrator, Eric G. Dove, reads it to you in his delicious voice...goodbye panties! He has such a way with his words. I could listen to him for hours, oh wait, I did!

It is becoming a theme in the books that the hero has to fight his friend about the girl. None of them had an easy road to love, so it is annoying they forget how they felt in a similar situation. I also felt they vilified Oliver for his past addiction, way to make him feel like he can over come his mistakes. I was really PO'd at the whole scene where nobody would believe him about what he had and had not done. And then when he is proved innocent all he gets is a backhanded apology. Not cool at all!

I am eager for the next book, even though MM is not really my thing. I want to see Thomas get his HEA, especially after his heartbreak in the first book.