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Scanguards Vampires Books 1-3

Scanguards Vampires Books 1-3 - Tina Folsom Samson's Lovely Mortal -
Wow!! What a great start to the series!! Really great story telling at a wonderful pace. I was with it from the first page!! A terrific combo of sexy, funny, supernatural with a little mystery on the side.

There were many supporting characters I could see being leads in the series, I have a crush on Ricky! I listened to the audio book Kevin Foley, the narrator, gives him a sweet Irish Accent, I am a sucker for the Gaelic boys! He does a great job with all of the reading but that particular voice is yummy!

The book has mixed POV swapping between the hero and heroine, at times you also hear from supporting chatterers. This is my favorite style for books as you get a much fuller picture.

Samson is a delight with his, um, problem. And he really was a funny character to read. I loved his whole possessive side, I swoon for the Alpha males!

Delilah started out awesome but fell victim to some serious dumb girl moves. Why do the girls always feel, even when people are dying around them, that they will be just fine wandering off into dark alleys? There is independent and then there is stupid. Fortunately, she only had a couple really brainless moments.

The mystery is more of a side event, it only really takes hold giving solvable clues near the end. Otherwise it was pretty much left field.

The steam is hot and heavy and varied!! Not all of it is the hero and heroine! There is one uber hot, kind of hate sex scene. Fan face...girl...it was just...gurrl!

This one often pops up as a freebie on Amazon and it is well worth the click! I am excited to read more of the series!!

Amaury's Hellion -
The second book in the series is even better than the first!! Loads of story that is really delicious!! Ms. Folsom has crafted an exciting and dynamic world. The characters are engaging and endearing, even if they are blood sucking vamps!

I adore the whole banter between Amaury and Nina, they are a perfectly snarky and playful pair!! They had a great dynamic from the first meeting, and oh that sizzle!! Each character had flaws to overcome but they found ways to heal each other, while forming an unbreakable bond.

The story is rather intense at times, I will admit to using more than one tissue. I am a sucker for drama in a relationship.

The steam factor is more than delightful, seems somebody likes to spank and light bondage! Who could resit that sort of play? Oh and there is an elevator scene that will leave you screaming in pleasure!

I am quickly falling in love with this series because it delivers one heck of a mainstream story with plenty of erotic romance steam!! The naughty bits just enhance the whole reading experience! And there are several single bodyguards still hanging around!

Gabriel's Mate -
I am not happy with the turn of events in this book!! I am going to need to take a break before I continue the series, I really did not appreciate who the Rogue turned out to be, he was my book crush!

The story is really well do, exactly what I have come to expect in this series. Really full and rich stories. I was kind of annoyed about the whole deformity situation, really took forever for us to find out the details. The whole Rogue story was a bit more interesting than the whole drama of his issues.

The steam factor was quite delicious. Way more foreplay and oral action, to be expected with the uh, problem. Once they hit the sheets, or the living room wall, it was hot and heavy!! Yummy steam that in the end almost made me wish my fella had the same problem!!

There are several threads left open at the end of the book that I am sure will lead into the next couple books in the series. While I am quite sure they will be wonderful, I do need time to get over my disappointment of losing a book crush.