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Wild in Whispering Cove

Wild in Whispering Cove - Mackenzie McKade This is a really interesting anthology, each story is written by a different author but follows the same timeline in a small Maine town.

The story reminded me of the Harlequins I grew up reading. Very sweet and endearing, plenty of comedy from the three old men. Not a lot of surprise here, it stayed fairly true to the old formula.

The big difference was the steam!! Holy hot and heavy! If my old romances had smexy scenes like these I never would have stopped reading them! These two are seriously combustible!

The split narrative is great and very clearly established. You never have to wonder whose POV you are reading. While I really liked Brody, Andrea was too cold most of the book. The love story just felt a touch hollow at times.

It definitely draws you into the series and I am now eager to see what happens with the other two couples. You get a few hints throughout this book as to what will happen next. I am wondering how the grandfathers bet will pan out!