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Wet in Whispering Cove

Wet in Whispering Cove - Cathryn Fox Another reunited love story. This one is also very Harlequin-esque, except for loads of smexy stuff!!!
I liked Katy and Trent a lot more than the first couple in the series.

Katy is fun and sassy, but she has made mistakes in he past. Trent was a bit of a punk in my opinion. If the girl you love leaves you to find a career you should not give up and become a playboy. The resolution was a touch simple in my opinion. The writing was very well done and the pace flowed nicely. It just felt too rushed in the events, more time would have made the story more believable.

I really enjoyed the writing but was not feeling the back-story, I guess I would have liked a little more drama. I am still a fan of the Grandfathers and all their plotting. This is a fun short read but it missed the mark in the romance.

Oh, the steam was hot!!! I am talking set someone on fire hot!!! This was a place that nothing was lacking! OMG, I need to be hosed off myself!

I am still drawn into the series and hope the next anthology will hold more depth for the characters.

* Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own. *