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Burned, Bold and Brazen

Burned, Bold and Brazen - Cathryn Fox, Nikki Duncan, Mackenzie McKade Burned by Nikki Duncan
This series has grown on my, each book is a sweet romance that reminds me of those beloved Harlequins, but spiced up with loads of open door bedroom action!!

I really like Hauk and Vic in the previous book and am thrilled they got together here. Sometimes a friends to lovers romance is just what a girl wants to read. Although, Hauk is one of those guys you want to smack in the face with a shovel and say wake up! It didn't take quite so drastic an action but still, he never noticed she was a sexy gal?

This book has some super sweet sappy moments, ya might need tissues handy. I am always a sucker for a heartwarming romance. While the plot is kind of formula, the execution is delightful.

Oh lordy, the smexy scenes are scorchers!! I needed to fan my face several times!! If those old romances had even a pinch of the steam in this book, I never would have stopped reading them!

Bold by Mackenzie McKade
I like this series more with each new book, they are like the Harlequin Presents I used to read in my youth. Okay, they are way hotter than those books, but the romance formula is the same. Doesn't make them any less enjoyable.

This is the classic theme of girl crushing on her brother's best friend. Gabby is just sassy enough for me to love, Reece is a touch overbearing but I forgive him. They have a great dynamic and are super fun to read.

The steam is very wicked!! This is not a soft closed door romance, the bedroom door is wide open with delicious details!!! You will fan your face more than once!!

I adore the grandpas and their schemes! They are a very fun recurrence in the series. They are the best matchmakers I have read in a long time.

Brazen by Cathryn Fox
Yummy story!! I really loved Adam in the first set of books and was eager for him to get a HEA. This is another classic romance theme, kindergarten teacher meets playboy fireman. Still a delicious read and Ms Fox manages to toss in a few unexpected twists.

Josie is super sweet and fun to read, Adam is, as always, smexy!! I loved their story and delightful dynamic. They may seem like opposites but the more they are together the more you see they are a perfect match. This might be my favorite couple in the series to date.

Oh Hell Yeah, smexy scenes are scorchers!! Good thing he is a fireman!! Girl, you are going to need a change of panties for this read!!! I love the steamed up stories!!

The scheming matchmaking grandpas are at work again in this book, watch out though cause they might get the tables turned!! I love them and all their naughty plans!!

*Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.*