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Seductive Powers

Seductive Powers  - Rebecca Royce Really awesome story! I am not a huge comic book or sci-fi fan, but this book was fantastic!

Wendy is just the sort of gal I like to read. She is sassy, brassy and comfortable in her own skin. Despite her past she finds something to believe in and never hesitates to be herself, regardless of what others think. I also loved her loyalty, she doesn't have a lot in her life but she is fiercely protective of the things she cares about.

Draco is definitely a strong silent type. He struggles with his choices and in his own way tries to do the right thing. He is often misunderstood in his decisions but I get why he makes them. I loved his protective streak!

Ms Royce does a wonderful job of crafting a full and dynamic world. She created a beautifully paced story that held lots of detail but never became too techie.

The steam factor here was rather low, only a couple sexy scenes to melt your ereader. I t was really more about the meat of the story, she delivered a hearty meal!

Can not wait for the next book, Ace is ripe for love!

*Disclosure - I received a copy in exchange for a honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.*