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Ivan - Roxie Rivera Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

What a delicious surprise!! I grabbed this book as a free read over at Amazon and then picked up the audio book fro a song at Audible, best idea of the week! I heartily suggest doing the same!

I went into this thinking it would be a quick listen but not expecting much, boy was I wrong. This story had me hooked from the first scene. Fabulous storytelling that really moved, no dull moments here, Not my typical fair, I generally prefer paranormal, but I am definitely looking into the rest of the series. Really engaging characters and dynamic gritty plot.

Erin is really sweet and a little naive, if she were any less sweet she might have annoyed me. For the most part she was smart enough to deffer to Ivan, who is a master of his seedy world. And what a yummy protector he is!

The romance really jumps into the steamy, only about a day of knowing each other, but I am willing to chalk it up to love at first sight. Okay, lust at first site. There are some truly delicious steamy scenes in this short read. I girl might need a cool shower or a hot man after!

Ms. Rivera is a new author to me but she is definitely one to watch. This series is really unique and deliciously hot! Erin has several girlfriends who are ripe for finding their own protectors in Ivan's pals. Can't wait to see the sparks fly and get into the gritty plots!

Pinky Powell does a terrific job with the narration. She really kept the pace of the book and moved the story along. Not a lot of variety in the voices but still kept them distinct. I would love to hear more from her in the future both in this series and elsewhere.