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Fit to Be Tied

Fit to Be Tied - Leah J. Michaels I love a smexy series read! This is book two in The Mansion series, yummy romances set at a BDSM club. We met Mikhail in the first book, sexy undercover cop with a bad boy streak, delicious!!

Mikhail is a Dom looking to settle down, not a common thing in these books, he may be rough and tumble on the outside but inside he is a teddy bear! Exactly the kind of guy I swoon over. Abigail is the perfect match for him. Love their whole dynamic!

The story really flows this time, wonderfully paced from beginning to end. I was totally engaged and on the edge of my seat waiting to discover how it would all end. So many great supporting characters really make the story sing!

Yummy smexy action and plenty of BDSM play. Really terrific steam that is fabulously detailed. So often in these books the playtime is more segue into sex scenes, not the case here, they are beautifully crafted peaks into the lifestyle. A girl walks away really thinking about finding a dungeon to explore!

I really enjoy Ms. Michael's style and love that I found her. She is a newer author but showing real potential. I can not wait to see where this series is headed, we still have plenty of supporting cast to get Happy Ever Afters!! I can only hope this will be a prolific series!

Disclosure - I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.