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Fated Surrender

Fated Surrender - Alanea Alder I freakin love bear shifters!! I am ecstatic Ms Alder picked a bear for this next book in the series!! And did you see that yummy cover art? My dreams are going to be super naughty tonight!

Conner is the third brother in the Arkadian clan and there is so much more to him that even I suspected! The first 25% of the book is all his POV, it had a lot of exposition but kept a nice pace. Once he meets his mate, the gloves are off!!! Love him!! Please can a bear carry me off to get my full attention? And he is wickedly delicious in getting her to admit he is in her heart! Again, tie me up and bring it on!

Madison is fabulous, loved her attitude!! Such spunk and sass, she fits in very well with the girls! She initially starts of bad, dis-ing the yummy bear, but when she is in, she is all in, don't mess with her man! She knows how to be loyal and supportive, even when she is mad as Hell!

The mixed POV was fantastic, I love being in both characters heads, it makes the story so much fuller!

Yummy steamy action, things get super sensual with some light BDSM type play. Who doesn't like a little bondage every now and again? Oh, those bears and their love of honey! Sigh, I need to move to Arkadia!

The story this time started a little slow but once things picked up they moved along at a stellar pace. Plenty of action and I think we just met some of the characters for the new spin-off series The Sentinels!! I see some book crush potential! You know I like them big brawny and Alpha!

There are more hilarious moments peppered throughout the book. Ms Alder is a genius at making you cry on one page and laughing through the tears in the next! This is easily my favorite new series of the year, sure I started it for the yummy bears, but I have fallen in love with the whole town! Positively delightful escape from reality!

Oh, and watch out for T-rex, they do not play!