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Jade's Peace (A WMC Novel)

Jade's Peace (A WMC Novel) - Melissa Stevens After reading Escape, I was really interested in checking out this book. I was not disappointed. It took the world created in the short story to a higher level. We get the HEA for Rebecca and Nick's second in command Steve.

I love JV, or Jade as her mate calls her. She is a total kick butt chick and sassy fun to read! She has so much spunk and attitude that you might think she would find a guy more deserving of her affections. I was not a huge Steve fan for most of the book, he had his head up his butt about the mating. Seriously, ten years is no big deal these days. It might have been an issue when she was 17 and her was 27, but he was smart enough to leave. That does not explain why he did not come back when she was a bit older, or why he was fighting the attraction so hard. Happily he won me over in the end, mostly cause he pulled his head out of his butt!

This is mostly from JV's POV, with a few others mixed in every now and again. The extra POVs were great for getting insight into the supporting characters feelings and motives. They were also very clearly separated, not at all confusing. Really great device for moving the story along.

This story was a touch long at times, we went over a bit more day to day routine than I generally like. While the storytelling was smooth the pace could have been a touch quicker. I just needed more action throughout to keep my interest.

I was really digging the vibe of the whole story and can not wait for more of the series. There is serious potential here. I might even have to check out Ms Stevens other series set in the same world!

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.