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Escape - Melissa      Stevens This is a really quick read. I wish there had been more to it, the conclusion was a touch anti-climactic. I guess I wanted more of a big finish.

It was a really interesting story and I enjoyed the world that was created. Rebecca is a great character and I wish there were more to her story. It would have been great to see her struggle, not just hear about it after the fact. It is a mixed narrative going back and forth between the two leads POV. Sometimes it can be jumpy because sections are really short.

Nick is calmer than most Alpha type characters, I responded to his patience, but I would have like him to be a touch more dominant, especially after Rebecca trusted him. They had a great dynamic.

The steam here is really yummy. Things could have been a touch hotter, this is erotic romance after all. The smexxy action will warm you up but not set you on fire.

There are a few formatting issues but they aren't enough to ruin the book. There is a really interesting story here, even if it is mostly just the bones. I would love to see this expanded and have more details all around. I am definitely intrigued by this author and series.