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Maizy The Bear Charmer

Maizy The Bear Charmer - Heather Rainier Let's start this off with my statement, "I like this series, really like it", I just am wavering on the latest books. We met the nears in Tiny Dancer, and they totally distracted me from the main characters. Perhaps, I built them up too much in my mind. There were several high points in the book and some not so great things. It is still a good read, it managed to get me very emotional a couple times. Just not the awesomeness I expect in this series.

I adore Cody, Heath and Spencer, they just seemed meeker than when they were first introduced. Cody lives up to the bossy bear, I would have liked a touch more Dom from him. Spencer is the strong silent bear, I can never resist them! Heath is the playful one, although he ended up being the spanker. They are a lethal combo, they just felt watered down a touch. Sure that they were delicious at the beginning, so very dominant and overpowering, I wanted that intensity to stick around. I loved them at the Twisted Bull, they made a strong showing in the end too.

Maizy is very sweet, she has a touch of spunk in her, wish we had seen more of that backbone. She caved too easy in a few situations. I understand she is a teacher and subject to the school board, a seriously terrible place to be. She has moments of sass and sensuality, I would have loved to see more of her in that light. I really prefer the gals with spunk, even though I know we need variety in our heroines. She fits in very well with all the other Divine ladies.

The side story here is more of Tabitha Lester, eh, I am kind of getting tired of her. Here we are at book 16 in the series, by now there are more Divas than Frozen Chosen. I am really ready for them to lay the smack down on this prude. In Divine Phoenix she seemed more pathetic and weak, how has she become this powerhouse? I feel like we need more or a conflict than this.

While I am on the subject, I am experiencing deja vu in some of the books. I feel like every book we have a talk about how menages work, and how the guys won't be jealous of each other. I feel like that area is well covered by now.

Now for the really good stuff!!! There is loads of steam in this book! Sure it happens quick, almost too quick, but I am giving in to the love/lust at first sight philosophy. Oh boy, if I could have a big ole hot shower scene like that!! Wow, it is all about the lady!! Yes please, sign me up and lather away!! This book seems to feature more smexy scenes than other books and a greater amount of one on one time with the heroes. Not a complaint, just an observation. While I am not into foot play, there is a hot scene that will give any foot fetishist shivers!! I do love me some spanking, and there is a yummy naughty scene with that to get ya hot and bothered. Such a steamy read you might just want to leave your panties off, it will save you laundry time!

There are a couple very emotional times in the book, sobbing occurred and tissues were deployed. Very heartbreaking! Ms Rainier knows how to shred my heart and then put it back together again by the end of the book.

Usually the books cover a longer time span with time jumps thrown in, this was skipped, everything pretty much happened in a month. I like the jumps because they made the relationships seem more real, giving emotions more time to manifest. I enjoyed the whole thing, it just lacked a bit of the umph from earlier books. I miss the days when stories were a touch more mixed together and overlapping.

I love seeing all the supporting characters, it is something you come to depend on in the Divine series. Everybody continues to grow and the relationships get stronger with each book. We met a few new ladies this book with fellow teacher Jan, hairstylist Danielle, rose lover Lola, all ripe for HEA stories, menage of otherwise! I am also looking at past ladies with mentions like Leah, who has been single far to long, I am sure her sister would cause her trouble. I am also curious about Madeleine, she might need a little romancing too! I would also love to see a certain boudoir photographer resurface and find some good lovin!! See, I am totally addicted!

I am very excited for the next book, going to get a HEA for smexy sheriff Hank!! Oh and the yummy scenes I read with BDSM, wickedly delicious! I have faith this will be a truly scrumptious read!