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Tempted By the Pack

Tempted By the Pack - Anne Marsh Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

This is a really quick read. A yummy little start to a very promising series. Who can resist some smexy Alpha wolves in the Bayou??

This book kicks things off steamy right from the start. It takes a bit to get all that info into the short time span, and it has to work around all the naughty bits! Still you get the gist of things, it could have had a touch more story to make things clearer. I really liked the concept and wish there were more of the Urban Fantasy elements to the story. There is a hint of conflict and adventure, but it is overshadowed by all the smexiness.

Yeah, the steam is epic. I am talking one on one, group loving and a touch of voyeurism. Girl, do not wear panties when you read this book!!! I suggest reading while in a tub of ice water or have a source of satisfaction available. It is all about the lady, they are brothers after all. Six tall dark and handsome brothers, all focused on one gal. Things are uber hot!!

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Kellie Kamryn. She does a great job with the pace and energy of the read. The voices were distinct but not very interesting. This book is set in the Bayou, a Cajun accent would have been nice and very smexy. Aside from lacking flavor the read was consistent and enjoyable.

Overall this was an interesting start to the series. I am definitely interested in checking out the rest of the series. Warning - this is a menage/group love read but ultimately a MF romance. I am not always a fan of this sort of read, but I enjoyed this one and am intrigued by the other brothers future prospects.

This book is usually a freebie on Amazon, snag it there and then get the Audible for only $1.99. Sweet deal that only costs a couple bucks to try!